Maiden Voyage Productions

Mission Statement

The mission of Maiden Voyage Productions is to produce and support media projects that ignite social, cultural and environmental awareness, including documentary films, interactive platforms and applications, books, websites and curriculum materials. The products and programs are intended for distribution through online social networks, broadcast on public and cable media and dissemination to schools, libraries and the general public.



Maiden Voyage Productions (MVP) creates and supports educational media, with a primary focus on projects that empower indigenous communities to share important cultural and environmental issues. Gail Evenari founded MVP in 1994 with the production of Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey, an award-winning PBS documentary funded by National Endowment for the Humanities, which chronicles the history and renaissance of Polynesian voyaging and navigation. MVP created related components, including a PBS website and a curriculum guide.

Additional MVP films include Hawai’i: Continuing TraditionsIn the Wake of Our AncestorsAlaska: The Yupik EskimosTimeless Craft: The Building of Mauloa, andA Gift for Abuelo, a film about Mexican culture and sea turtle conservation. Curriculum guides for PBS films include A Doula StoryThe Calling, Havana Curveball andElie Wiesel: First Person Singular

All of MVP’s work strives to deepen understanding of other ways to live in the world. In 2012 MVP launched World Wise Adventures, introducing multicultural perspectives to teens through meaningful interactions with diverse global communities. Just Like Me But Different (JLMBD), evolved from years of expertise and experience teaching, filmmaking, creating curriculum and leading international service trips. JLMBD uses Virtual Reality (VR), interdisciplinary curriculum and interactive media to introduce young people to our planet’s diversity and engage them in global challenges we all face together. Taking action on an issue is usually sparked by feeling a connection. VR has the power to transform peer storytelling into immersive experiences that feel like personal interactions. Problems that are far away seem close; people and places that are different become familiar. JLMBD leverages this connection by providing innovative opportunities for enriched learning, cross-cultural exchange and community action – all designed to foster the growth of compassionate, informed and engaged global citizens.

Maiden Voyage Productions is a California nonprofit organization (Tax ID 94-3191142).