THE WAYFINDER is the story of a Kamai, a real-life “Moana.” A vibrant 14-year-old Hawaiian, Kamai dreams of sailing in the wake of her ancestors. Ever since stepping on board a sailing canoe as a young child, Kamai has been drawn to the sea. We follow her journey as she learns the ancient art of wayfinding and discovers that ancient knowledge about guiding canoes provides tools she can use to guide the future of her islands – and navigate the voyage of her lie.

Wayfinding, the art of celestial navigation, is based on the Hawaiian philosophy of sustainability –the idea that life choices made in the limited space of a canoe apply to life on an island and life in the global community. Learning these core values and traditions deepens Kamai’s commitment to fight climate change and take care of the ocean that is so essential to survival in Hawai’i and on our shared island, Earth.

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