Going Global for Good

Maiden Voyage Productions fosters the growth of compassionate, informed and engaged global citizens through educational media and meaningful interactions with diverse local and global communities.

When my young daughter and I traveled to Mexico for the filming of A Gift for Abuelo, we guided hundreds of hatchlings safely into the sea. We also visited an iguana preserve and met a young boy who ate fish three times a day, walked to school barefoot and played video games outside under a palm tree. One night we sat with him on a deserted beach and watched a sea turtle laying her eggs.

It's hard to call anyone a stranger, once you have looked him in the eyes.

As we discover the interdependent, parallel existence of people, places and animals around the world, we begin to recognize the strong and enduring elements that connect us all.

That is what inspires the programs and films encompassed on these pages.

Gail Evenari
Founder and President, Maiden Voyage Productions