“We must educate a generation of global citizens — versed in human rights, culturally literate, skilled for intercultural dialogue and committed to building a better world for all. ”

— Irina Bokova, Director-General, UNESCO



World Wise combines Virtual Reality documentaries and interactive learning experiences to raise young people’s awareness of diverse cultures and critical global issues. 

World Wise brings a broad spectrum of people and places into intimate focus through immersive stories about teens around the world, who are working with their communities to support environmental sustainability, social justice and human rights.


THE WAYFINDER immerses viewers in the seafaring adventure of Kamai, a young Hawaiian who dreams of voyaging in the wake of her ancestors. As the art of wayfinding and the importance of cultural and environmental sustainability, she discovers tools to protect her islands and navigate the voyage of her life. THE PROTECTOR shares the story of Adan, who is dedicating his life to protecting the endangered sea turtles that next on the beach near his home. We join his family celebration of Dia de los Muertos, an annual fiesta honoring loved ones who have died.

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