“If your intention is to enrich yourself, broaden your perspectives, learn a language and create enduring relationships, then service in a community is a great place to start…. If you forget about the traveling and beach going and other such things, you will find a more fundamental happiness.”

Michael Waheed, World Wise Adventures, Israel
Waldorf School of the Peninsula, Class of 2015

World Wise Adventures

Growing Compassionate Global Citizens through Service, Stories and Exploration

The mission of World Wise Adventures is to inspire young people to become compassionate, informed and engaged citizens of the world through making films, doing service work and sharing interactions with diverse local and global communities.

World Wise Adventures creates an integrated experience that imparts the following to participants:

  • Awareness of the commonalities between their lives and the lives of people from diverse communities and cultures.
  • Recognition that each individual and every community is significant to the well being of our world.
  • Sensitivity to global cultures forged through meaningful shared experiences.

The positive effects of this project extend beyond these guiding principles to benefit not only the youth who participate in the service trips, but also the communities they help, the nonprofit organizations that serve those communities, and young children everywhere, who will be exposed to global cultures through the sharing of stories, films and educational activities.

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