First Day at our Sister School

Monday, June 16

Today we began our first day of volunteering at the Tamrat el Zeitoun Waldorf School. We started off the day by visiting the kindergarten and grades 1-5 to teach the children fun English songs and games. It was exciting for us to see the kids so engaged and having fun in our mini-lessons. By the end of the classes, the students were following us out of the door and asking us to stay. It was heartwarming to see them laughing and having fun, and to see that they were enjoying our company and presence at their school. We loved interacting with the different students and being a part of their daily school life in any way we could.

After visiting the different classes, we turned our attention towards the school itself. Yesterday, we assessed the improvements we wanted to accomplish around the school, and today we began fulfilling our vision by cleaning the walls that lead to the classrooms. Everyone had a great attitude and worked hard to accomplish our first task. By the time we were done, the hallway looked great and was already contributing to a healthier looking school.

It is an amazing feeling to support our Waldorf community by extending our care to other parts of the world. We’ve been given an amazing opportunity to share our appreciation of Waldorf education with others. After just our first day, we can already see how incredibly special this school is and we feel grateful to be given the opportunity to support a branch of our extensive worldwide community.