Israel - Day 3

Israel. Truly at last.

Yesterday brought together the new sights and smells of the eccentric open air market and the balmy breeze and warm waters of the Tel Aviv beach.

Today we finally ventured south out of the city: through crowded streets of crazed drivers to the Masachim Film School and our first honest interaction with the people of Israel. We were welcomed and promptly began the exchange of respective slang with the high schoolers. Next came a friendly fútbol game resulting in Andres getting schooled and general bonding. After a good laugh, we juggled and socialized. It became increasingly clear that although we, as kids and as cultures, were starkly different, we were also remarkably similar.

As today comes to a close, we can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.


  • Michael and Team Israel


Israel: Day 1

Well, we finally touched down at around 2:55 this morning, Israel time. Back home at home it was around 4 in the afternoon, so plenty of friends and family were awake and contacting us while we waited for our bags. Funny story, actually, about our bags. As we sat and waited for them to come out of the carousel, little did we know that they were not actually going to appear. After about an hour, our fear was realized: our bags had been lost somewhere along the way. We were not the only disgruntled passengers to lose our luggage, however, and en mass we stormed the lost and found counter trying to find out any information about our missing materials. Eventually we had sorted everything out, but now we have to wait until tomorrow, Thursday, June 12, for our bags to fly to us from Amsterdam where they were misplaced.

Still, even without our bags we are enjoying the sights and sounds of Israel in the wee hours of the morning. Actually, it is kind of freeing having no luggage to lug around. Who knows, the next time you see a picture of us we might just be free of all of our belongings. It is, after all, easier to enjoy a sunset without them.

~ Andres